• Re-think Smart
    Bring the power of proprietary machine learning driven predictive and prescriptive recommendations and decisioning engine to your dealership!

Meet myautoIQ Artificial Intelligence Engine

myautoIQ proprietary artificial intelligence prediction and decision engine come inbuilt with access to millions of datasets. myautoIQ’s AI prediction capabilities extend to all of the key elements of the dealership, like customer engagement, prediction of customer's needs, targeted new customer acquisition and personalized marketing and outreach.

AI Superpower For your Dealership

  • Predictive Decision Making

    Provide dealers with smart, predictive, and efficient decision-making capabilities.

  • Intelligent Personalization

    Drive more sales by personalizing customer acquisition and existing customer engagement.

  • Smart Lead Generation

    Generate leads from existing service customers and convert them into repeat buyers.

Artificial Intelligence Engine Features


myautoIQ algorithms stitch together and query multiple datasets like customer demographic, lifestyle and behavior, manufacturer, industry, vehicle and industry valuations for identifying the trends and information needed for business decisions.


myautoIQ AI Engine uses proprietary machine learning, deep learning and data science algorithms to translate internal and external data into business predictions and recommendations for dealers.


myautoIQ engine then uses the algorithm output to real-time power the various myautoIQ platform components enhancing customer engagement, acquisition and personalized marketing efforts.


myautoIQ engine is continuously improving and learning from the results, so that its next prediction and recommendation cycle is even better.

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