• Do you know who is looking for a
    new car that you want to sell?
    conquestIQ Targeted customer acquisition - Reach out to only the highest potential buyers
    for the specific make and model you want to push

conquestIQ - Revolutionizing New Customer Acquisition

conquestIQ enables dealers to drive targeted customer acquisition by reaching out to only the highest potential in-market buyers for specific make and model that they want to push. myautoIQ comes with built-in data and algorithms to identify who to target and the marketing automation needed for sending personalized offers.

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  • Targeted

    Generate targeted leads for specific make and model

  • Personalized

    Create Personalized offers for each lead

  • Flexible

    Define number of leads to generate & areas to target

  • Automated

    Automated email or postal mail delivery

How do we do it?

1. Stich Data
myautoIQ's proprietary algorithms stitch together multiple datasets such as customer demographic, lifestyle and behavior, manufacturer, industry, vehicle and industry valuations and then analyze hundreds of thousands of pieces of data to create a persona for each make and model.
2. Identify Buyers
Next step is to identify the customers who are likely to buy the make or model dealers want to push, looking at many elements like who is looking for a car, what their spend potential and preference is, do they fit the persona of the car model to push and the like, each step making the next more efficient.
3. Prioritize and Personalize
The list of customers is ranked with the highest potential buyers at the top for the area the dealer wants to target. The dealer can visually see where the potential customers are and decide on the number. Final step is to reach out to the customer with a personalized offer through our marketing automation engine.


myautoIQ is revolutionizing new customer acquisition. Instead of trying to reach all customers, myautoIQ enables you to focus your new customer acquisition effort. Our proprietary engine and algorithms filter based on who the targeted customer list is for the make and model you want to push and then filters it even further to target only those who are actively shopping for cars and match your make and model profile. As a result, instead of sending thousands of blast mailers, myautoIQ enables you to target and personalize your conquest marketing efforts to a fraction of those but getting you multiple times the returns. Here is how sample targeted conquest marketing customer lead generation through myautoIQ looks like:

Total buyers

Fitting profile