• Convert your service customers into sales leads
    scanIQ - Generate intelligent sales leads from service customers
    score and qualify any external lead and revive your dormant CRM

scanIQ - Take advantage of the customer in the door!

myautoIQ continuously scans your current and future service appointments to provide an intelligent alert for your sales team and provides them with all the information needed to close the deal. Our AI engine scans and ranks lead potential based on a number of parameters - need to buy, in-market and actively shopping, has a compelling need, lifetime value and loyalty to the dealership, buying capability, trade-in and buyback potential, preferred vehicles for the prospect and more!

  • Intelligent Alerts and Direct Communication

    myautoIQ AI-Engine provides intelligent, real-time alerts for sales as soon as the appointment is booked and when the customer comes to the dealership, enabling you to take full advantage of the customer in the door. It also enables your salespeople to directly chat with the customer and send buy-back offers.

  • Smart lead and customer scoring and Prioritization

    myautoIQ does the hard work of scoring and prioritizing all leads to ensure your salespeople only spend time with high potential prospects. Lead scoring takes into account the need to buy, buyers spend potential and preferences potential for the trade-in car and more.

  • All tools to close the deal

    Take the guesswork out of vehicle trade-in potential. Vehicle condition, history, customer readiness, potential customers, industry price suggestions are provided, with a recommended negotiation range for the offer. Customer 360 view provides with all customer information needed to close.

  • Unleash the power of scanIQ!